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Wednesday, 29 April 2015 18:26


There a lot of ways to spend money remodeling your home, but not all of these developments will increase the value of your house. Sure, you want these remodeling projects to help you create that ideal home you’ve always dreamed about, but you also want to spend your money wisely and increase the potential listing price of your home, once you’re ready to put your house on the market. Here are the remodeling projects that will bring the most value to your home and they are all ideas that will also make your day-to-day life at home more enjoyable.

Exterior Painting

Sure, it’s not as extensive as some other projects, but doing some simple improvements can make your home a lot more attractive to potential buyers. Painting the outside of the house can have a dramatic effect that will make everything seem fresh and new. Interior painting, especially when combined with some new fixtures or furniture, can also make your home look ten years newer. These are also projects that offer minimal disruption to family life.

Kitchen Remodeling

One of the top features people look for in any potential home is a modern and highly practical kitchen. Kitchen remodels can range from a simple face-lift to a complete gutting of the space. New appliances are always a minimum investment and combining that with upgrades to the paint, backsplash and flooring can reinvent the kitchen area. From there, it just depends on your budget and your imagination. You can start with new cabinetry or go for the top end by replacing right down to the studs. It’s always good to keep in mind that you don’t want to build a kitchen that is too out of sync with the rest of the home, however there are still lots of ways to create the perfect kitchen space.

Bathroom Remodeling

While you can certainly stick with just minor cosmetic changes in the bathroom, you can boost a property’s value by going for a major reinvention. That includes new fixtures and paint, as well as even a nicer bath or shower space. The modern take on the bathroom is lush and slightly hedonistic; people want to feel pampered and a new bathroom is the perfect place to create that magical relaxing atmosphere.

Garage Conversion

Often a homeowner needs more interior space, but doesn’t have the room (or the budget) for an entirely new extension. A garage conversion is a great compromise, because it gives you a new room without the major expense of building it from scratch. In some ways a garage gives you a blank slate to create the perfect space, from a spare bedroom to the ultimate man cave!

Attic Conversion

Like the garage conversion, an attic conversion is all about creating new living space out of currently underutilized interior footage. The complexity of some attic conversions has a lot to do with the look and layout of the existing attic area; don’t assume that because your attic is small that it can’t be a workable space.

Room Addition

Sometimes the best choice is adding a completely new room. While it can be more expensive than just remodelling a garage or attic, it adds square footage to your home and it also offers you the chance to build the space you need, just the way you want it; a blank canvass of sorts

Any project should combine improving the look of your home while increasing the overall value and sale potential. If you are thinking of remodelling, it is critically important that you do your homework on local contractors and choose the right remodeling contractor for your needs.